What is the “Posh surf n turf”?

Not just an ordinary Surf n Turf

Loved by couples. Best enjoyed with a bottle of wine.

The “Posh surf n turf” is an amazing dish best enjoyed by two people.

The difference lies in the upgraded beef quality and the feature of a whole Maine Lobster. Choosing the “Posh Surf n Turf” means that the 200 grams heavy tenderloin is of Wagyu quality and that you also get a Whole Maine Lobster, as well as Tiger Prawns and Scallops. This dish is often shared by couples and enjoyed with a bottle of wine from our extensive selection.

Feel like trying the “Posh Surf n Turf”? Let us know you are coming. We are open every day from 5 PM until 11 and look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant.