Shack ‘Sharing Platters’

Shack ‘Sharing Platters’

Can’t decide which one of our mouthwatering, ‘Award Winning’ Steaks to choose? Or should you order some of our International Seafood? Take a look at some of our ‘Sharing Platters’ that might just make your mind up for you! 

Not forgetting that all of our Main Meals include a good choice of Sides & Sauces to complete your perfect feast! 

The Shack Tomahawk Steaks

Australian Black Angus or high grade Wagyu options are both usually available ranging between 1.1kg up to our ‘Mighty’ 2.5kg beast!! Share between 2 to 5 people! 

The Shack Tomahawk Steaks

‘The Shack Attack’ 3 Steak Platter

750g of Prime Australian Black Angus Steaks. 200g Tenderloin Fillet, 250g Striploin & 300g Ribeye gives you a taste of each one of our popular cuts. A perfect Platter for 2 – 3 people! 

750g of Prime Australian Black Angus Steaks. 200g Tenderloin Fillet, 250g Striploin & 300g Ribeye

‘Special ‘Surf n Turf’

A WHOLE Maine Lobster complete with a 250g Australian Black Angus Striploin Steak. This is often ordered by a hungry 1 but along with our included Sides, can easily be shared between 2 people! 

“Surf n turf”

‘Posh ‘Surf n Turf’ 

Our Ultimate ‘Surf n Turf’ gives you more than just meat & seafood! With our ‘Flagship’ high grade 200g Wagyu Tenderloin Fillet Steak, a WHOLE Maine Lobster, Hokkaido Scallops & King Prawns this really is the ‘Crème de la crème’ of our Sharing Platters. Perfect for 2 people but again, it’s not uncommon to see this being demolished by 1! 

The “Posh” surf n turf

Mixed Seafood Grill

Don’t fancy steak? That’s no problem with this ‘Seafood Platter’ and perfect for your seafood ‘Date Night’! 
A WHOLE Maine Lobster, Hokkaido Scallops, King Prawns & a Barramundi Fillet. Need more? Take 6 or 12 fresh French Oysters as a perfect Appetizer! 

The mixed seafood grill
Fine De Claire Oysters

In our relaxed environment, we are always flexible with any of your preferred changes and will always accommodate your choices if you wish to exchange certain items, upgrade Steak cuts or even add further products to give you your perfect ‘Dining Experience’! 

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