The Shack Press Release

Now there will always be varied opinions when compiling lists about things to do, places to visit, best restaurants, top attractions and must see places, but you won’t find many lists that this Koh Samui institution isn’t on! Or you’ll have to go back 20 years to find it!!

It was way back in 2003, when Koh Samui opened her Mothering arms and welcomed the birth of The Shack Bar & Grill, Samui’s first and original International Steakhouse & Seafood Grill and still to this day, the only ‘Rhythm n Blues’ themed restaurant on the island.

There’s Steak and then there’s Shack Steak

There’s Steak and then there’s Shack Steak and you will have to go a long way to match the quality of meat that these guys are importing, but with their street facing, open, charcoal grill, not only can you see the chefs cutting and preparing your chosen cut, but you’ll see it cooked to perfection in front of your eyes!

It’s not uncommon to see passers by, stopped in their tracks by the mouthwatering aromas their senses have been awoken by or their jaw dropping amazement of seeing a 2kg Mighty Tomahawk Steak or North American Lobster being dropped onto the now famous Shack Grill.

In addition to their ‘Award Winning’ Australian Black Angus and Wagyu Steaks The Shack imports ‘Live’ Maine Lobster & French Oysters and Japanese Scallops & Tuna with Alaskan King Crab making appearances when it’s available. ‘Surf n Turf’ lovers really will be in a culinary dream with various sized Platters available to suit 1 – 4 people and they’ll even let you ‘Build Your Own’ if you don’t see your perfect Meat & Seafood combination!

With 250g Housemade Burgers, Huge Pork Ribs & Chops, Jumbo King Prawns, Fajitas, Tacos & Nachos completing their simple but very effective menu, they offer something for almost everyone including a range of Salads & Vegetable Sides with their Halloumi Fries being very popular with The Shack’s Vegetarian guests although any Vegans may want to give this Carnivor Classic a second thought!!

With its ‘laid back’, ‘Rhythm n Blues’ vibe, you can really feel the atmosphere and their long-term staff, Manager and owners will make you instantly feel at home, but remember to book a table because these guys get busy and if you don’t want to be one of those guys who can only drool at the grill from outside, then book 24 hours in advance to guarantee your spot and you too can enjoy The Shack Experience.
Booking recommended via the reservations page or send a DM via Facebook, Instagram or Google Business pages. You will find links to these on contact page.